The History of Origins

russ_bixlerThe Origins television program started by Russ Bixler, co-founder of Cornerstone TeleVision in 1985 was discontinued with his passing in January of 2000. Continuing the Originstelevision program as a legacy to Russ was very important to the family, so a memorial fund was established for that purpose.

Today over 4 years later the memorial fund has made it possible for his son Paul a producer/editor at Cornerstone TeleVision to put together a new Origins television series. These new programs offer a forum to use scientific evidence to validate the truth of creation.

In the first program Norma Bixler, Russ’s wife and co-founder along with Ron Hembree, president of Cornerstone TeleVision, introduce the new host of the program Dr. Donn Chapman, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Ministries in Murrysville, PA. Together they introduce and dedicate the new program.

The attractive Origins set is constructed to look like rocks. In the center between two blue-green marble columns are huge panels which look like two huge Bible pages with the Genesis 1:1 verse on the left. The set also features a 9-foot DNA model and a page on the right containing a SmartBoard. The state-of-the-art SmartBoard technology is used to display PowerPoint presentations on a plasma screen and allows presenters to draw and mark up their presentations electronically.

Origins shows have been taped with authors Ron Rhodes and Ralph Muncaster, along with scientists Dr. Brad Harrub, Dr. Terry Mortenson and Dr. Jerry Bergman. They cover a broad range of topics like, the Age of the Earth, Dismantling Evolution, Cloning, Dinosaurs, Noah’s flood, Mutations and much more.

Information presented on the programs will be available on the web site. The program seeks to remind viewers that, “It’s God’s view that He created you and that should be your World-view too!”