About Origins

Curious about the beginning of man? Can science and the creation story from the Bible coexist? Many people say no. But Origins uses relevant facts and thought-provoking evidence from scientists, researchers, and authors to support Creation.

Watch as scientists, researchers and authors share relevant facts and thought-provoking evidence supporting creation.  Join us for Cornerstone Network’s unique program — ORIGINS — and then decide for yourself the truth about your human origins.

These programs, seen on Cornerstone Network and our affiliates throughout the world, continue to offer a forum using scientific evidence to validate the truth of creation.

 Origins, started by Cornerstone’s co-founder Russ Bixler in 1985, continued until his passing in 2000. The Bixler family put together a memorial fund to continue the show that was so important to Russ. It was revitalized in 2004 with Dr. Donn Chapman as the host.

Currently, Origins can be seen on Cornerstone Network and our affiliates worldwide. The program guests cover a range of topics, such as the Age of the Earth, Cloning, Dinosaurs, Noah’s Flood, and much more!

Dr. Ray Heiple Jr. has now taken over the reigns as host. Dr. Donn Chapman wanted to focus more on his church, Cornerstone Ministries. The parting is completely amicable and you will continue to see Donn from time to time. 

The ending of Origins reminds us, “It’s God’s view that He created you… and that should be your worldview too.”