Episode Guides

The Extinction of Evolution Darek Isaacs 1407
Dragons or Dinosaurs? (Part 1) Darek Isaacs 1405
Dragons or Dinosaurs? (Part 2) Darek Isaacs 1406
Ape Men: The Grand Illusion Dr. Terry Mortenson 1403
Ape Men: Adam and the Gospel Dr. Terry Mortenson 1404
The Age of the Earth: Why It Matters Dr. Terry Mortenson 1401
Evolution, Science or Religion? Dr. Terry Mortenson 1402
What About Woolly Mammoths Michael Oard 1308
Global Warming – Man Caused Michael Oard 1309
Dinosaur Challenges Explained Michael Oard 1306
Post Flood Ice Age Michael Oard 1307
Shaping Earth’s Surface (Part 1) Michael Oard 1304
Shaping Earth’s Surface (Part 2) Michael Oard 1305
The Miracle of Development (Part 1) Dr. Paul A. Nelson 1302
The Miracle of Development (Part 2) Dr. Paul A. Nelson 1303
Dr. Seuss Biology Dr. Paul A. Nelson 1212
Simple Cells Complex Realities Dr. Paul A. Nelson 1213
The Dictionary of Life Dr. Paul A. Nelson 1301
Supervolcanoes Dr. Steve Austin 1210
Bible Earthquakes Dr. Steve Austin 1211
Where Did Darwin Go Wrong Dr. Steve Austin 1208
The Mystery of Coal Dr. Steve Austin 1209
Living Fossils (Part 1) Dr. Carl Werner 1206
Living Fossils (Part 2) Dr. Carl Werner 1207
Creation Astronomy Dr. Jason Lisle 1203
Blunders in Reasoning Dr. Jason Lisle 1204
Ultimate Proof Dr. Jason Lisle 1205
Magnetic Fields (Part 1) Dr. Russell Humphreys 1201
Magnetic Fields (Part 1) Dr. Russell Humphreys 1202
Continental Sprint (Part 1) Dr. Steve Austin 1114
Continental Sprint (Part 2) Dr. Steve Austin 1115
Continental Sprint (Part 3) Dr. Steve Austin 1116
Mutation Malfunctions Dr. Robert Carter 1112
Eve: Real Evidence Dr. Robert Carter 1113
Creation Genetics Dr. Robert Carter 1110
Adam Our Ancestor Dr. Robert Carter 1111
Our Created Moon Dr. Don DeYoung 1108
Creation Week Dr. Don DeYoung 1109
The Fossil Record Dr. Jerry Bergman 1107
Weather Insights Dr. Don DeYoung 1105
Discovery of Design Dr. Don DeYoung 1106
Mars, Venus and Creation Dr. Danny Faulkner 1103
Big Bang or Big God? Dr. Danny Faulkner 1104
The Fossil Man Dr. Brad Harrub 1101
Creation vs. Evolution Dr. Brad Harrub 1102
Evolution: The Grand Experiment (Part 1) Dr. Carl Werner 1007
Evolution: The Grand Experiment (Part 2) Dr. Carl Werner 1008
Evolution: The Grand Experiment (Part 3) Dr. Carl Werner 1009
Sodom & Gomorrah (Part 1) Dr. Steve Austin 1005
Sodom & Gomorrah (Part 2) Dr. Steve Austin 1006
Mount St. Helens – Explosive Evidence for Creation Dr. Steve Austin 1004
Mud Flow Madness? Dr. Steve Austin 1010
The Scopes Monkey Trial (Part 1) Dr. David Menton 1002
The Scopes Monkey Trial (Part 2) Dr. David Menton 1003
Creation: The Greatest Miracle Dr. Jerry Bergman 1001
Irreducible Complexity Dr. Jerry Bergman 915
Slaughter of the Dissidents Dr. Jerry Bergman 913
Persuaded by the Evidence Dr. Jerry Bergman 914
Center of the Universe Dr. Russell Humphreys 910
Starlight and Time Dr. Russell Humphreys 911
Evidence For a Young World (Part 1) Dr. Russell Humphreys 908
Evidence For a Young World (Part 2) Dr. Russell Humphreys 909
The Worldwide Flood – Geological Evidences (Part 1) Dr. Andrew Snelling 905
The Worldwide Flood – Geological Evidences (Part 2) Dr. Andrew Snelling 906
The Worldwide Flood – Geological Evidences (Part 3) Dr. Andrew Snelling 907
The Impact of Craters Dr. Danny Faulkner 903
Science: The Whole Story Dr. Danny Faulkner 904
What About Comets? Dr. Danny Faulkner 901
Design in Astronomy Dr. Danny Faulkner 902
Carbon 14 Isotopes – Age of the Earth (Part 4) Dr. Larry Vardiman 815
Isochron Discordance – Age of the Earth (Part 4) Dr. Larry Vardiman 816
Intro to R.A.T.E. – Age of the Earth (Part 1) Dr. Larry Vardiman 812
Helium Diffusion Rates – Age of the Earth (Part 2) Dr. Larry Vardiman 813
Radiohalo Studies – Age of the Earth (Part 3) Dr. Larry Vardiman 814
Breath of Life – Lungs & Blood (Part 1) Dr. David Menton 810
Breath of Life – Blood Vessels & Heart (Part 2) Dr. David Menton 811
God’s Girders – Bones & Skeleton (Part 1) Dr. David Menton 808
God’s Girders – Bones & Skeleton (Part 1) Dr. David Menton 809
Was Darwin Wrong? Dr. Brad Harrub 806
Design Demands a Designer Dr. Brad Harrub 807
Evolution Indoctrination Dr. Brad Harrub 804
Dinosaurs! Dr. Brad Harrub 805
Hypercanes Dr. Larry Vardiman 801
The Big Freeze Dr. Larry Vardiman 802
Global Warming Dr. Larry Vardiman 803
Creation Stories Dr. Jerry Bergman 914
Vestigial Organs 714
Was Your Ancestor an Ape? Dr. Terry Mortenson 713
Millions of Years: Where did the idea come from? Dr. Terry Mortenson 447
Elements of Our Skin Dr. David Menton 710
Elements of Our Hair Dr. David Menton 711
Color of Our Skin Dr. David Menton 712
The Seeing Eye Dr. David Menton 650
The Hearing Ear Dr. David Menton 651
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Part 1) Dr. David Menton 511
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Part 2) Dr. David Menton 512
Formed to Fly Dr. David Menton 510
Lucy, She’s No Lady! Dr. David Menton 817
The Rocks Cry Out: The Earth is Young Dr. Terry Mortenson 508
Noah’s Flood: Washing Away Millions of Years Dr. Terry Mortenson 509
Galileo Dr. Jerry Bergman 505
Mutations Prove Creation (Part 1) Dr. Jerry Bergman 506
Mutations Prove Creation (Part 2) Dr. Jerry Bergman 507
In Search of Intelligent Design Dr. Ron Rhodes 449
Making the Case for Creation Dr. Ron Rhodes 450
The Scientific Accuracy of the Bible Dr. Brad Harrub 451
Human Cloning Dr. Brad Harrub 452
Age of the Earth (Part 1) Dr. Brad Harrub 442
Age of the Earth (Part 2) Dr. Brad Harrub 443
Evolution Roadblocks Ralph Muncaster 446
Statistical Impossibility of Evolution Ralph Muncaster 445
Analyzing an Outdated Theory Ralph Muncaster 444
Dinosaurs! Dr. Terry Mortenson 448