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Natural Selection is Not Evolution

Join Origins host, Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Georgia Purdom for, “Natural Selection is not evolution.”  The engine that drives Darwinian evolution is natural selection. Natural selection “selects” organisms that are best suited for an environment and over time this purportedly has led to the evolution of one kind of organism changing into a completely different kind of organism.  However, real-world genetic data shows what natural selection really does to populations.

Minimum Complexity Mystery

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Paul Nelson for, “Minimum Complexity Mystery.”   Human beings, dogs, oak trees, and tarantulas reside on the “complex” end of the micro-organism spectrum – whereas bacteria look pretty simple, right?

But it turns out that even single-celled bacteria exhibit their own astonishing complexity.    Just how ‘simple’ can a cell be, and still exist?   Our guest examines that question and how it affects our understanding of where we came from.

Flooded but not Forgotten

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Bruce Malone for, “Flooded but not Forgotten.”  Essentially every ancient culture has some remembrance referring to a global flood that pulverized our planet.  But how could a single flood produce sedimentary rock layers which are more than 7 miles deep in many locations?  This show looks at the immense forces which were restructuring the entire Earth during the year-long Flood of Noah.

The Ark Encounter

Join Origins host Dr. Ray Heiple as we go on board the Ark Encounter.   Docked in Williamstown, Kentucky, millions of people from around the world have come on board this Biblical attraction.  Longtime Origins host, Dr. Donn Chapman also talked with people that had a hand in the design process of the largest timber structure in the world.  Discover the truth of God’s word as we give you scientific answers concerning the Genesis account.

Creation not Confusion

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Gary Bates for, “Creation not Confusion.”   Are the days in the Genesis account, millions of years?    This question is raised very often by people seeking answers regarding the Bible.  Many Christians reject the straightforward, historical reading of the Genesis creation account simply because they believe it cannot be verified by science.  Our guest on this program says that ultimately, most of the answers for this question stems from the very first book!

Deep Time- Deep Deception part 2

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. John Baumgardner for, “Deep Time- Deep Deception part 2.” A primary pillar that supports deep time in the scientific community is radioisotope dating.  Our guest shows that radioisotope methods used to date the rocks are flawed.  He’ll expose the single assumption that causes these methods to falsely yield ages of millions and billions of years, when in fact the actual ages are on the order of only thousands of years.  Christians need no longer be intimidated by radioisotope dating.

Deep Time- Deep Deception part 1

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. John Baumgardner for, “Deep Time- Deep Deception part 1.”  Deep time, taught as fact in essentially all the educational institutions of our land and reinforced by the media, represents a direct frontal attack on the truthfulness of Scripture. On today’s program we’ll show that Carbon 14 is now the friend of those who accept the Genesis account as historical.  There is overwhelming evidence that fossil material throughout earth’s fossil record, without exception, contains Carbon 14 at levels that limit the fossil age to only thousands of years not billions.

The Rocks Cry Out

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Bruce Malone for, “The Rocks Cry Out.”  People are routinely taught that the rock layers of the earth are billions of years old.  This assumption is called Uniformitarianism or the idea of slow gradual changes over eons of time. Yet the rock layers we see today contain overwhelming indications that they were laid down recently and rapidly.  During this program we’ll look at some of this convincing and easy to understand evidence.

Blind to the Obvious

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Bruce Malone for, “Blind to the Obvious.”   The mechanisms of evolution and the fossil evidence fail to explain either the origin or the advancement of life.  Even in the face of overwhelming evidence the evolutionary community continues to espouse a worn out theory.  So why do so many scientists accept evolution and reject creation as the correct explanation for our existence?   They are trained to leave God out of their thinking.  

Races in the Bible

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Robert Carter for, “Races in the Bible.”  There certainly are a lot of different looking people in the world today. Can we explain this using the Bible? The biblical account of Noah’s Flood and the Tower of Babel reveal how.  Once people spread out into many small clans, everything was set for specific groups to begin developing their own unique features. In the end, there is no such thing as ‘race’ in science or in the Bible. All people are equal in God’s eyes and all of us need a Savior.