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Design Triangulation

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Paul Nelson for, “Design Triangulation.”  Have you ever figured out how something complicated works by observing the system carefully, and inferring from what you’ve seen to understand what you haven’t yet seen?   That’s a type of reasoning we can call “design triangulation.”  This method is widely used in biology to predict the functional features of cells or organisms, before they’ve actually been seen.  This employs key assumptions about designed rationality that only make sense if intelligent design is true.

Who Made God?

Join Origins host, Ray Heiple as he welcomes Gary Bates for, “Who Made God?”  The question “If God created the universe, then who created God?” is often used to challenge the truth of the Genesis account of Creation.  Many people claim that invoking a supernatural act by a Creator, who is beyond our time and space, is unscientific.   In reality, the universe displays all the hallmarks of complex and purposeful design.   Indeed the ‘heavens declare the Glory of God’ and reveal His purpose for mankind.

Mutations: Evolution’s Disappointment

Join Origins host, Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Georgia Purdom for, “Mutations: Evolution’s Disappointment.”  A major mechanism for Darwinian evolution is mutation. Random chance mutations are necessary to generate the raw material necessary for molecules-to-man evolution. These mutations must be beneficial and lead to the formation of new traits so that one kind of organism over time can evolve into a completely different kind of organism. However, mutations have never been observed to do this!

The Real Jurassic World

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Kevin Anderson for, “The Real Jurassic World”  How could a 68 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex bone still contain soft tissue?  Several years ago paleontologists were stunned to find soft and pliable tissue still remaining in dinosaur fossils.  All experimental evidence shows that biological material will NOT survive for millions of years.  Instead, this tissue presents direct biochemical evidence that the dinosaur fossils are only a few thousand years old.

Hands: Marvels of Creativity

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Randy Guliuzza for, “Hands: Marvels of Creativity.”   Evolutionists like to emphasize the similarities of human and animal anatomy.   Our guest explains that the human hand is an amazingly creative tool.  It’s very different from a paw or animal hand and it can outperform them in many ways.  The amount of brain power it takes for the speed and control of our hands to perform everyday tasks and athletic skills is unmatched.   Our hands express in many wonderful ways that we are truly made in His image.

The Genius of Birds

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Paul Nelson for, “The Genius of Birds.”  Place a bird feeder in your backyard, and before long cardinals, sparrows, woodpeckers, and maybe even hummingbirds will come zipping by.  We can take these amazing creatures for granted, but each one represents a stunning solution to aeronautical engineering problems.   Does the undirected evolutionary process of natural selection truly explain bird origins – or does their existence point to an intelligent designer?

The Ark Encounter

Join Origins host Dr. Ray Heiple as we go on board the Ark Encounter.   Docked in Williamstown, Kentucky, millions of people from around the world have come on board this Biblical attraction.  Longtime Origins host, Dr. Donn Chapman also talked with people that had a hand in the design process of the largest timber structure in the world.  Discover the truth of God’s word as we give you scientific answers concerning the Genesis account.

Creature’s Engineered Adaptability

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Randy Guliuzza for, “Creature’s Engineered Adaptability.”   How do creatures survive all kinds of environments?  What innate features enable them to continuously adapt to geologic and climatic pressures?   What systems in relatively passive organisms drive adaptation?   Our guest today will talk about increasing evidence that God engineered creatures with amazing abilities.   We’ll learn how they detect changes in myriads of external conditions and make suitable self-adjustments.

Surprise, the Bible Explains That!

Join Origins host Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Jay Seegert for, “Surprise, the Bible Explains That!” Scientific research continues to unfold the wonders and mysteries of our universe.  Fairly often secular scientists are very puzzled and surprised by what they discover.  Many of these discoveries just don’t lineup up with their worldview.   However, in many of these cases, the Bible actually makes perfect sense of what we see, anticipating these findings thousands of years in advance.

Design in DNA

Join Origins host, Ray Heiple as he welcomes, Dr. Georgia Purdom for, “Design in DNA.”  Genetics is astonishing evidence of a Designer, who created a marvelously complex, efficient “information system” for encoding life. The complexity of DNA is problematic for molecules-to-man evolution since the necessary changes are so implausible.   The only reasonable explanation for all the information in DNA is that a Designer put the information in the original DNA sequences.